At PDP, we believe that digital communication with consumers, whether it is online, in-store or through mobile or social devices, is the most important and effective tool to engage and influence behavior at the point of decision. It is a very visual discipline where the magic happens behind the screen. Here we merge consumer insights as well as shopper analytics with flawless technical skills for that final nudge – making people choose you at the right time and place.

With our understanding of your customers’ behavior, we create a solution that is tailored to your needs and truly integrated with your digital ecosystem. A solution that gives the desired results for your business and brand. From strategy and planning to hardware, deployment, content production, analysis and support, we offer the total package – we think beyond the screen to make Digital Signage your success.

Sales history

Here is our great sales history of digital signage

IKEA Gwangmyeong (46" video wall 3x3)
IKEA Giheung (Total 110 Screens)
IKEA DongBusan (Total 115 screens)

Characteristic of our Digital Signage’s program

Here is characteristic of our digital signage’s program which is easy to use

Drag & Drop

To publish a file, simply drag it from the media archive and drop it to the region or monitors it should be published on

Split content on monitors

From the portal it is easy to split the monitors Into several “zones”, which runs independently of each other

Time scheduling

It is possible to add time schedules to both Playlists and single files.


Content can be added and edited by using a template system, Several templates can be created

Add your own users

New users can be added from the control panel on the portal. Add regions or monitors the users should have publish access to.

Meeting room system

The system has an integrated meeting room booking system.


Add your own scrolltext to the screens. You might write your own messages, or simply add a feed from and online source.

Instargram integration

Import and show pictures automatically from instagram Using your prefered hashtags


All content from media archive can be sorted in folders and sub-folders. Folders are easily added from the portal user interface


The system has support for IPTV. All IPTV Broadcasting can be scheduled from the portal

Player status

From the portal you are able to check status, event logs, uptime etc. on all your players

Fire alarm support

Players have fire alarm support. If the fire alarm is activated, all content will be charged to a pre defined fire alarm message.